Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just hanging around...

That is what we did today.  Roger had to work, the kiddos slept in and then were up and going on the Wii.  I snooped around on the computer for a new calendar.  The one I am currently using will get me to June, but it is 5x7 and I am really wanting/needing an 8x10.  After spending time searching today, I guess I will just suck it up and use it through the end of the year.  I do need to update the rest of our lesson plans in it, since we will be starting music lessons next week, I need to do some rearranging of our assignments.  Glad all of that is in pencil!! 

I went to Chelle's house this afternoon - since she ended up with the Hobby Lobby gift certificate, she went while books were on half off and bought enough books to get all of her pages into books - she needed help putting them together, so I went around and helped her.  The kiddos all played while we worked on scrapbook stuff. 

After I fed them all dinner, I took them back to Chelle's so I could go to the fire station.  I caught myself back up on what I had been working on and helped out a little in the office, trying to help them get organized. 

I grabbed all three kiddos from Chelle and they are set on staying up all night - right now, they are playing Wii again, and I am working on some stuff here at the desk - once I get ready to head to bed, I will make them turn that off and start to settle....but they are having fun now, I can hear them!! LOL!!

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