Saturday, December 27, 2008

My turn for dinner...

The kiddos and I got up and went to church this morning, we had some visitors go with us!  Gramma and Chunky!!  Gramma stayed for a few after church to help me get my microwaves switched out and move a few other things around.

Once Gramma and Chunk left, the kiddos and I dug in and got the den, kitchen and dining room cleaned up and everything put where it belongs- at least in the correct room!

Roger got home from the woods not to long after we got finished with that, and he started dinner!  We made Mexican Chicken.  Along with my family, Roger invited a family friend over to eat with us.  He has been going thru a rough patch and we helping him thru it.

We taught him and Roger our new games.  Roger liked In A Pickle more than I thought he would.  He wasn't as risky with Toss Up, and of course, Uno Flash was even more fun with more people!  Before mom and dad left, we set them up a Mii and made them play the bubble game and the cow game on Wii Play.  Dad was pretty good at both of had no clue! After everyone left, we all stayed up a little longer - Rog and the kiddos played baseball, then Rog and I bowled a round!

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