Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wading thru the piles of paper

On my desk....

The kiddos slept in this morning, and the went right back to the construction zone in the den - the mix of Tinker Toys and Legos made it hard to walk thru there....

I spent the entire day - seriously, with very little time away - working on cleaning out Girl Scout stuff.  I had three binders full and a stack of stuff.  I managed to get thru most of it and get it organized.  I need to get some stuff typed up and loaded to my groups, but i did get a handle on the scout stuff.  I am down to 2 binders - one that is strictly bank stuff and the other that is the rest of the stuff.

Even with all that I did here at the desk, I still managed to get muffins and an apple pie made! 

Since the kiddos got in trouble and had to have dinner then go to bed, it is quiet around here.  I am watching something about Air Force One - different than what I watched Sunday afternoon.  I am about to go to bed and read while I watch the White House thing. It's on the History Channel!

Have a great Turkey Day tomorrow!

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  1. Tinker toys and Lincoln Logs - HOW FUN! I enjoyed playing with those...YEARS ago (it seems). Enjoy this fun age. They grow up so quickly. I miss Aaron playing with toys. :( --- Charity


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