Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New bathroom?

When we moved in here, we had just started collecting 'rubber duckies' for the bathroom.  We made the main bathroom a pale yellow and continued to collect.  As the kiddos are getting older, I am beginning to think it may be time to 'rethink' the batchroom choices.  I haven't done a lot of looking to see what is out there, but having a girl and a boy, that is going to make it tough!  We have the Old Fashioned Faucets in our master bath, and while we like it, it doesn't seem 'fun' for the kiddos!

How is your bathroom decorated?  I would love some ideas!

We have a normal size bathroom, with a regular tub (which we will exchange for a bigger tub if/when we redo the bathroom!).  We have a bathroom sink vanity, a normal toilet and a pretty good sized linen closet.  It woul dbe nice if there were more bathroom furniture, and maybe we can adjust when we change things.

The vanity we have in there now is one that was a discounted model, we weren't sure why, until it overflowed!! There is no drain hole!!  One thing we will do is a new vanity!  Perferably one with 2 sinks...

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