Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

I pray you all had a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday.  I know we did!

Our Ladies Auxiliary all made Thanksgiving dinner for one of our firefighters.  They have had some medical issues in their family, and were not going to celebrate the holiday.  We took them tons of food, they should be able to eat for a day or two.

From there, we went to my cousins house to have lunch with my mom's family.  There were 18 of us there - and that was everyone from that side.  The day was absolutely beautiful out, so the little ones all played outside for most of the time.  The big kiddos (like my cousin and Roger) played Wii.  Roger had never played before, so he had alot of fun with that!  Then the little kiddos took over- Ry and Em smoked the bowling was more of a challenge for them! 

When it was time to move on, we headed to Rog's parents house.  There were 11 of us there - us, his parents, and most of his brother's family.  His girlfriends kiddos were with their dad, but his boys were all there. Had a great dinner with them, but we had to eat and run.  Roger and Samantha were headed to deer camp.  When they left for camp, Riley and I headed out to my grandpa's - dad's side - where they had just finished up eating....we just went to visit with them.  My cousin was there with her newe little one...almost a month old! 

Riley and I are home now, he is in there reading, and that is where I am headed. 

Happy Turkey Day!

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