Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday ~

Were you up at the crack of dawn and shopping?   I know I sure wasn't!!  I have never really gotten into the sales on Black Friday- although I have gone a time or two!  Not anything I care for...

Last night before bed, I made some breakfast ham rolls and threw them in the fridge. When I got up this morning, I tossed them in the oven while I got dressed and ready to head out, then Riley and I loaded up and went to Chelle's house.  We had breakfast together, then sorted her camping pictures so she could scrap that trip.  I finished scrapping my camping pictures - I ended up putting them in a book by themselves - we were there for 6 days, so there were quite a bit of pics. 

Gramma ended up meeting us there later and she scrapped the May Big Cedar trip for our book - since she took the kiddos but I didn't go.  She took Ry home with her, so I came home and started downloading those FREEBIES! from CurrClick!  There were right at 30 of them, and I only missed one, but it was one that I have a book for, so I wasn't worried about that one.

Samantha and Roger just got home, so I am off here to hear about thier trip to the deer woods - where it rained all day....

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