Saturday, November 29, 2008

Scrappin the day away....

Riley went home with Gramma last night, so it was just Samantha and I this morning.  We slept in (yes, we do that alot around here) then went and grabbed some groceries. We went to Grammas for a cook out birthday party, then headed over to Chelle's. 

While she finished up her camping, I worked on sorting thru the Disney stuff from our October trip - waiting patiently for granpa to download all the pictures so I can start printing off and scrapping them - I got it sorted and went thru some other things I had over there (ended up bringing it all home).

Once she finsihed camping we did some cleaning and reorganizing of our stuff...that took us a good while!  It was time to come home...we had dinner, then did the bath thing - they are in bed and I am headed there!


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