Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's almost December!

And the temps here are starting to feel like it!

We got up and went to church this morning - all four of us!- been a while since we have all four been together!

After church, we came home and brought Christmas boxes in and set up my Santa's.  I have a few from the around the world collection, so while we opened each of them, we read about where they were from and why they are called what they are called in their country.  They kiddos thought this was cool!

We had a bite of lunch, then loaded up and headed out to the tree farm to cut down our Christmas Tree.  It was very cold out there and they all wanted to go up the hill.  I couldn't hang with them, so I stayed at the car while they trekked up to pick out the perfect tree.  I met them to get it bundled and helped throw it on the top of the van.

Dinner was at my house this evening, I made some homemade 'dog biscuits' as Roger called them. I didn't care for them, but everyone else said that were good.  I also made a big pot of Loaded Baked Potato Soup.  Now, that was yummy! 

While the soup was a cooking, we got the tree all decorated and most of the boxes back out.

We had a friend over for dinner, along with my family, and since we were 'even' we played Sequence.  Started out in pairs, then we went males against females....they won....we played until bedtime...everyone has gone now and it is time to wind down.

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