Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thursday ~

Everyone slept in this morning.  Roger got up and made sticky buns (from a can) for breakfast.

Samantha and I are still working on this monopoly game, so we dealt the boys in.  Gave them the money and we shared some of our properties.  We played for 5 hours and we finished the game.  Riley was the first out.  He wanted property so bad, he went broke trying to buy it. It was pretty funny!  Rog was down next, he blamed it on the fact that he started late.  We will have to try again and see!!  Finally, I was able to get a couple of hotel's on my property and that did Samantha in.  The game was fun, and I think it will be a great 'cold winter day in front of a fire game'.  I am curious to see how Riley does when he starts out on the same level.

No meeting tonight, the kiddos ended up going with Aunt Chelle -Em is out of school tomorrow and she is off.  Rog and I had chicken sandwiches for dinner and we are headed to watch Survivor and ER!

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