Saturday, November 15, 2008

Girl Scout activity and Chili Dinner

and both went great!

Samantha and I, along with one other girl in her troop went to Toltec Mounds this morning for part 3 of a 3 piece patch program they have been working on.  It was cold, and we had to be outside for a while...brr..

We learned some of the games that the Indian children played, learned the many ways that plants were used back then and how we still use them today.  Finally, we went out to makeshift dig with their clipboards and got to be archaeologist and dig up items that had been buried.  Our group found lots of pottery pieces. We have learned so much from Toltec Mounds this past year - and to think, we have 1 more 'trip' out there coming up.

On top of it being a LONG morning, we had to get home, get some chili made, get some signs up for the dinner and go to the dinner!

The chili dinner was a great success!  We had a decent turnout, and a lot of fun!  We made plenty of notes on what to do for next year - like more Fritos!  We ran out!!

It is cold, I am tired, so we are headed to bed!

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  1. I've been thinking and praying for you. How are things?




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