Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday ~

Riley slept in this morning.  I knew he would.  He was pretty tired. 

We met mom and had lunch and ran some errands with her.  This crazy situation that is going on is keeping me busy that is for sure!

Em didn't want to go to church with us tonight, she wanted to go to the other church, so the kiddos and I came home and got ready for church.  While we were waiting, a friend and I starting messing around with our homeschool website. I am excited because we have been 'in progress' for almost 9 months waiting on her brother.  He bowed out of helping us, so we took it up on ourselves. 

I had some of the switching started when I left for church. Took the kiddos, dropped them off to go eat - I ended up eating with some friends I hadn't seen in a while since Rog is in the deer woods and the other guys bailed on me!  It was noce to chat with them! 

The Bible study really spoke to me tonight.  It was weird though, because I don't think I took it the way it was intended.  Brother Paul preached from II Samuel about the life of David and how we reap what we sow.  Now, I know that was meant for me, that when I sin, there are consequences, and even sometimes my sin affects others. But the entire time, I couldn't help but think - with things that are going on right now- that I was the one affected this time and that I am not the only one that will reap what I sow - that this person who has hurt me will have to face the music and lie in the bed that has been made.  Somehow, thinking that made me feel better - not that she will have to face the music, but that it will not go unnoticed.

Getting home from church, there is a message about the website!  We got it up and going!  A worked on it with her brother while I was at church.  I have been working on getting all of our info on it.

Roger just called - I thought he was going to tell me he was headed to bed - HE'S HOME!!  He came home a night early to surprise me!

Off to let him in and spend some time with him!

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