Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday ~ Downtown Dinsey and Animal Kingdom

We started out today at Downtown Disney.  The kiddos had been really good about not asking for anything, and my inlaws were graciously paying for almost all of our meals, so we were feeling ok in the extra money department and gave the kiddos a set amount to spend.  They both did very well with their spending.

Riley started off in the Lego Store and spend a good chunk of his there on the Lego City Fire Station Set.  From there, he found a place to build your own Light Saber, so that is where the rest of his money went.  He was very proud of both of his investments.

Samantha wanted an outfit for her Disney Doll that she had purchased on our trip in June.  She studied hard and decided on the Minne Outfit set.  She also purchased the set of 8 inch princess dolls - it was two box, four dolls in each.  From there, she found the My Little Pony set and we crammed a box FULL of pony stuff. She wsa pretty pleased with what she had found as well.

Lunch was at the Rainforest Cafe - our very favorite place ever to eat!  We love the atmosphere!  If you ever get a chance to go, then please do. The ranking is $$$, but it is so worth it! 

We headed off to Animal Kingdom, and straight to the Kilamanjaro Safari, as it was starting to get late. After the Safari, we talked Roger into going to the first aid booth.  The decision was made during a discussion between his dad and I, when I made the connection that his mom was allergic to cortisone and Roger had been putting Cortison10 on his leg for 2 days.  So, he decided to go to the first aid booth, they gave him something to put on it and he decided to stop using the cortison cream that he was possibly allergic to on hives from something else that he was possibly allergic to.  While he was off there, the kiddos found Stitch.  Rog and his dad had the backpacks with the autograph books in them, so we just got pics with Stitch.  We roamed further into Camp Mickey -Minnie and we found Goofy, so we got in line for him.  We were the last in that line, so we got to play around a little. 

We all went to ride Dinosaur!!  The kiddos loved it! (Personally, it creeps me out a little!)  From there, not really sure where they all went, but Roger and I went to ride Mount Everst.  We love that ride!  It is quite a bit different in the dark. And I actually held my hands up while we were going - something I had trouble doing last time we were there!!

We met them back over at the Dino Play Yard -where they went and dug for bones. After that, had to go below the tree to see It's A Bug's Life. Chunky LOVED the bug show!  After that, we were all tired, so we headed out and back to the hotel for bed!


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