Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #9: The __________ Family


This week’s theme is about your family. Don’t worry. I’m not going to make you write a long essay about all the great things your family does. Just something little diddy that I know everyone will have fun with!

Watch the youtube video below and then take this song and add your own words, about your family. The end of the first three lines should rhyme. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Lryics to “A Homeschool Family

Some people say were goofy
Mysterious and spooky
Our neighbors think were kooky
A homeschool family

We drive a white Conversion
We learn about the Persians
Our six year olds a surgeon
A homeschool family.

We learn about Creation
And classis education
Were sponsoring a Haitian
A homeschool family.


The parents are the tutors.
We build our own computers.
We never go to Hooters
A homeschol family.

Have recess in the foyer
And then we read Tom Sawyer
Our nine year olds a lawyer,
A homeschool family.

We never leave our dwelling.
Our children are excelling.
They’re champions at spelling
A homeschool family.


Wow, you are wanting me to tap into some creativity that I don't think exists!  I will give it a try, but just a short version.

Our kiddos think it's cool
We don't make them go to school
But we still follow the rule
A homeschool family

They think all we do is play
We really learn all day
This way is here to stay
A homeschool family.

We try to just stay home
But alot of time we roam
Sometimes makes mom groan
A homeschool family.


The dad has a weird job.
We work around his time off
The quailty is never lost
A homeschol family.

We love to be on the road
We really learn a load
Their minds are never cold,
A homeschool family.

Ok, I got further with that then I thought I would. The next to the last verse is a stretch, but it is


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