Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday ~ Magic Kingdom and Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party

Our day today was spent at Magic Kingdom. When we got there, my father in law bought us all tickets to stay for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  We started off on the train.  Riley and Chunky got to say All Aboard from the back.  We stayed on for a full trip around, then to Frontier Land.  Samantha also got a chance to say All Aboard!  We got off in Frontier Land and went straight to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  I think I said back in June, that I am a HUGE roller coaster fan!  We ride them where-ever we go and I think of all the roller coasters I have ever ridden - BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD is my all time favorite!!  We all rode it, the kiddos, especially Chunky loved the fast train ride!  After that, we headed towards Pirates of the Caribbean ride (it was closed in June when we were there) on the way, we found Capt'n Hook and Mr. Smeed.  We got our pics with them, rode the ride, got our pics with Peter Pan, then rode the ride again!  After that, we got to see Capt'n Jack Sparrow teach some pirate skills.

We found the Princess show and watched it, then headed to Snow White's ride.  Coming out of there we found some Mickey Ears.  We opted to get some Mickey Ears for everyone, with our names on the back instead of a costume.  We rode Mad Hatter's Tea Cups and then grabbed our bracelets so we could stay and trick or treat! We found the first line - they were giving away HANDFULS of candy!!  From there, we headed to Toontown and rode Barnstormer and then guess what - WE FOUND THE PRINCESSES!!!  We found SLeeping Beauty and Prince Phillip and while waiting in line to see them, the cast member let us know that CInderella was coming out next.  We waited for Cinderella!!  We followed the path to Tomorrowland that they had marked as Mad Hatter's Halloween Walk, with various stations to collect more candy. Once in Tomorrowland, Roger and I rode Space Mountain and they found Buzz!!  Roger and I took the kiddos up into Astro-Orbiter, then we grabbed some ice cream!  We went thru a few more trick or treat stations and then found a place in the middle of the circle in front of the castle to watch the show.  IT was pretty good, there were some figures on the castle and fireworks!  After that, we headed back to Frontierland and found a place to watch the Boo to You parade.  It started off with a headless horseman - it was really cool, however, I don't think my picture of it was that great.  I will have to see. The parade was cool, it was mostly the villians of the stories.  That wrapped our Halloween night.  The extra tickets were a little pricey, but it was so worth it.  We ended up with about 20 pounds of candy - between just the four of us, that is not even counting what the other 3 got.


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