Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday ~ Hollywood Studios and Epcot

Our last day here at Disney.  Today we started off at Hollywood Studios.  We headed straight to Toy Story Mania, since we had not been on that ride all week.  When we got to that corner, the line was 60 minutes (shortest is was all week long) and we decided to wait.  A family offered us 4 fast passes and the cast member shared 3 more with us, so we were free for a while and still had a chance to ride the ride.  We started to move from that area and there was a Green Army Man standing there with a very short line.  We jumped in there and got his autograph and the kiddos picture with him.  From there, we got in line to see Buzz and Woody.  They were not opening the doors for another 20 minutes, but we were 2nd in line, so we waited.  We still had some free time before our return time to the Toy Story ride, so we took in Disney: One Man's Dream, then off to the Caspian thing (was not impressed with this - maybe because I am not into the movies).  Finally, it was time for us to redeem our fast passes for Toy Story Mania!! The fast pass line moved almost as slow as the stand-by line.  Good thing the line is so neat!  We loved the ride when we were there in June, and it was still just as neat!  Since there was an odd number, I ended up being paired with another young girl who was odd in her group.  This was her first time on the ride and she thought it was cool.  After the ride, the rest of our group wanted Turkey Legs (gross!) so on the way to Hollywood Blvd. to grab a bite to eat, we got stopped by the Block Party Bash.  We danced with Flik and the grasshopper from Bug's Life, along with some very hyper cast members!!

Leaving Hollywood Studios, we found a boat that took us along some waterway, past the Boardwalk and the Swam and Dolphin, to the back side of Epcot.  It was about a 30 minute ride, but it was nice and relaxing.  We ended up docking somewhere on the far side of Epcot, back by England/UK and going in that way.  We headed straight for Test Track, since that was the only other we had not covered during the week. The line was 30 minutes, which was also the shortest so far, but we only ended up waiting 15 minutes to ride.  I rode alone on this one also.  The ride is 3 in front, 3 in back and Rog and Ry were going to ride together and me and Samantha.  When we got up there to be next, there were 2 teenage girls that got put with us, so I moved Samantha up with Rog and Ry so the girls could ride together.  After Test Track, we went to Figment and played around in there and then to Honey I Shrunk the Audience.  Riley was worried about 'eating a booger' LOL!!   It was close to dark when we got out of there, so we headed to find a spot for the firework show.  We had what we thought was a great spot - right behind a TREE!!! We still got to see the majority of it though...the kiddos were up by the rail, so they got a better view than the rest of us.  On the way out, we ran by Test Track, but the wait was 60 minutes so we rode Spaceship Earth one last time, then headed to the monorail.  Once at the TTC, we had to wait a bit for the bus back to Shaves In Green (it is really Shades of Green, but Chunky called is this all week long!!).

Back at SoG, we got everything packed up and ready to go. We head out first thing in the morning!


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