Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday ~ Epcot

Today was a fairly short day.  We got a late start and none of the parks had Magic Hours.  We spent today at Epcot, roaming the world!  We had lunch in Mexico, then got on the boat and headed across to the United States.  We watched the American show (I forget what it is called), then started working our way on around the rest of the world.  In Morocco, we saw the Genie and stopped to get his autograph and pictures.  While we were waiting in line, Aladdin and Jasmine joined him!!!  How fun!! They were GREAT!  We had so much fun with them! 

We also learned something new about Princesses....Jasmine told Riley a secret!!  He was embarassed and close to tears then Aladdin convinced him it was because he was special, that she doesn't share her secrets with everyone!!

We found a place to watch the fireworks, then headed out with the masses, back to the hotel.  IT was actually a good thing that we had a fairly early (10pm) night, we needed to do some laundry. Roger's leg still looks bad, but he won't do anything about it.


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