Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday ~ Hollywood Studios

Today we spent the day at Hollywood Studios!  We didn't get on the Toy Story Mania ride, but we did manage to cover everything else!  Including RAIN!  Yes, about 1pm, it started raining, just a little.  By the time we decided to get out the raincoats/ponchos - it was POURING and we were soaked!! By the time we were all outfitted in the raincoats/ponchos, it actually started letting up. We tried hiding under a tree to stay dry, but when the rain is falling heavily sideways, trees are not much help!

We decided to stay and just eventually dry off, wasn't to long before we were fairly dry.  Tonight was Magic Hours here, so after the show, Fantasmic, Roger and I headed to the Rock N Roller Coaster.  The wait was 60 mintues, but we wanted to ride it, so we waited.  It was a pretty cool ride.  I didn't care for the first 2.3 seconds of it, but the rest was awesome!!  Instead of laughing the entire time like I tend to do on roller coasters, I sang! They had Aerosmith cranked up the entire ride!!

With some help of a young lady and her mother in the Rock N Roller Coaster line, Roger decided to ride Tower of Terror with me.  I rode it years ago when I went with a friend, and it had changed a little and WE LOVED IT!!!  This ride comes close to being my favorite - it is right up there with Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain!!

After our thrill rides, we found the rest of the crew and headed out for the night.


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