Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday ~ Epcot and Magic Kingdom

WOW!  Our first day here!  We headed to Epcot today and got to ride Spaceship Earth, Misson Space and Nemo and Friends. We also did several things inside Innoventions and Inventions buildings - like Club Cool and Where's the Fire. While at Epcot, we had our first character encounter - Chip and Dale!  We roamed Epcot for a while, then boarded the monorail and headed over to Magic Kingdom.   Once we got to the Ticket and Transportation Center, we grabbed the Ferry headed over to the park.  Right inside of Magic Kingdom, we ran into Pluto!  From there, we went to the MKFD, Roger had a Little Rock patch that he wanted to give for their display.  As we were leaving the FD, we noticed that is was close (30 minutes) to time for the SpectroMagic parade, so since we were right where the parade started, we parked ourselves on the curb and waited.  The kiddos got to play with hula hoops while we were waiting.  The parade was pretty and all 3 of the kiddos were glued to it the entire time.  Once it was over, we followed in behind it (mainly to make our way thru the park) since we had Extra Magic Hours and most everyone else would be leaving.  The kiddos wanted to do the Indy track, so they did that, then we were off to Dumbo!  On the way to Dumbo, we found Donald Duck.  So, after our time with him, they all rode Dumbo, then most of them went to Haunted Mansion (Ry said it was too dark, so he and I sat out) We rode It's A Small World, Peter Pan's Flight - with no wait - since there washardly anyone around.  Our last ride for the night (at 12:40 AM) was Cinderella's Carousel. We rode once, then all started to get off - they found Donald Duck getting on, so they all stayed.  I was trying to get off and Pluto grabbed my arm and pulled me back, I rode again beside Pluto (for most of the ride - he got off the horse and started playing about half way thru).  We all started to get off again, then found Goofy!  Our last time around on the carousel was with the main 5- Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto - we did get some really good pictures (my fil got the best ones, so it may be a while before I can share - but I will!).

So, that is what happens when you stay at the parks until 1 am!  We were seriously some of the last few people out of the park, so cool! This was by far the best day of the whole trip - because of the Magic Hours. 


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