Thursday, October 2, 2008


We did it!!  We finished our school before our break!!  Samantha still needs to review her spelling words, but other than that, we are finished!!  Two weeks break!!

We had a 4H meeting this afternoon, and we got alot accomplished!!!  For just our second meeting, I am impressed with how well the kiddos all stepped up.  We picked the positions that they wanted for their club, then we filled those positions. They brainstormed for a name for their club, but since we had several out, we decided to table the name until we could talk to more of the kiddos and get their ideas.

We rushed home from 4H, I threw a lasagna together and ate a quick dinner, then Samantha and I headed off to Girl Scouts.  Girl Scouts went great!  We started the Brownies on thier Journeys and they not only enjoyed it, but I think they got something out of it. 

Riley had gone with Gramma to watch Chunky play Tball.  When she brought him home, Roger borrowed her EMT skills, and her doctor contact. 

Last week, he slid into home plate and got a 'rug burn' type sore on the top of his knee.  He has babied it and it has progressivly gotten worse.  Mom looked at it and said it looked like celluitis.  She called her doctor friend and he called Roger in an antibiotic.  We just returned from Wal Mart, we rode with him to pick up his meds.  We went thinking we could just drive thru, so he was in his PJ's and had to go in. Hehehe....

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