Thursday, October 2, 2008


Seven giggly girls at a Girl Scout meeting can be hard to get under control. That is until you mention CHEERLEADING!!  That seems to be the going thing right now, even as young as 7 & 8 years old.  We started talking about cheerleading and they got some of their energy out by letting them show me some of their cheers.

The next thing of course was the most recent and popular cheerleading apparel!  Since the girls do not cheer for school teams, but at different gym places, it means all of their uniforms are different.  There are such cute cheerleading uniforms out now, and such a variety.  Seems like when we were in school (years ago) all of the uniforms had the same style.  There were very few difference in them.  And the pom poms - or poms as they are now called - were so much bigger! I remember carrying those things back and forth to school - and trying to cram them in a locker!  These little poms are more pracitcal for school use.

Something that has not changed much is cheerleading shoes. The shoes from years ago were simple white shoes.  Most shoes are still simple white shoes.  At least now, there are more styles and brands to choose from than we had.

Cheer talk is certainly one way to get their attention!

(And for the record, I was not a cheerleader in school, I was in pep club in 7th grade - the one where everyone was allowed and you didn't have to try out!!)

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