Friday, October 3, 2008

Hardwood Floors

What kind of flooring do you have?  Our house is mostly hardwood floors.  I think we are a bit backwards - our kitchen and dining room are two of the three rooms that have carpet!  The family room is the other.  Weird huh?

The rest of the house has hardwood floors.  We have been looking into some rugs for the bedrooms.  All three of our bedrooms, the hall and the school room have hardwood floors. I am thinking that in the winter, a nice persian rug would be nice to step onto striaght out of bed.  The floors are always a bit chilly and if I am barefoot, it makes me even colder.  My main concern is during the summer time.  It gets HOT here in the summer!  Do rugs make a difference in the temperature of the house?

We have loooked at rugs before, and we have found some very pretty hand knotted rugs, but I guess I haven't been able to match the colors with my bedroom colors.  Since winter is coming up and gas prices have done nothing but go up, then we need to look again and see about purchasing a nice one for our room.  The comforter on the bed is getting pretty ragged also, so maybe it is time for a fill bed room make over!

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  1. I love hardwood floors - I'd say half are hardwood, a quarter are tile and another quarter are carpet. - Chare


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