Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday ~ A new week..

Yet, I am still behind! I got the kiddos folders ready for today, but that is all...I guess this week will be a fly by the seat of the pants week...gotta love those!!

The kiddos slept in a little, we like to do that here ~ PTL for homeschooling!!  They didn't fuss about their work, got right on it.  Wanna know the reason? We have new penpals and they had gotten a letter over the weekend - I let them read the letter at breakfast, but told them they needed to get their school work finished before they wrote back (now that I think about it, not sure why...LOOSEN UP...I am trying!!)  We got letters to our "penny's" written and ready to mail and got some chores done. 

The kiddos went with MIL when she picked up Chunky and I had dinner all alone - but it was YUMMY!  Poppyseed Chicken!!  Then I headed to the station for a while - it has been a while since I have been there - between ball games and vacations-  I have gotten behind on what I ususally work on.  When I got there (early) my dad (Assitant Chief) was already there and on the computer, so I had to wait for him to get finished...then I had forgotten the password and had some time trying to get into the program...UGH!!  I did get quite abit accomplished!  Mainly because our friend Donna (Chief's wife) wanted the kiddos to go with her some where, so she ran and picked them up (Thanks Donna!) so I could stay and work.  I almost got caught up...

It is super cold here and supposed to get colder.  I am wrapped in a warm blanket that was my Meme's and chatting with some friends on our 'new' online home!  It is late, and I am about to head to bed!

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