Monday, October 27, 2008

Pest problems

We have been dealing with a major mouse problem here.  It rained heavily back some time ago and I guess it drove them all inside. While here, they found that they could live happily on our dog food!  It was sad how many of them we ended up dealing with. I mean, I even got to the point where I wasn't bothered by them anymore. And I don't care for mice! 

We tried everything except poison, because I have one very curious dog and I didn’t want her to get too curious! We searched for means of Alternative Pest Control but the mice are so small, that trapping wasn’t really an option. We tried some safety traps that turn and catch the mouse (those don’t work). In the end, we ended up using regular old fashioned spring traps.  We seriously caught so many tiny mice around here that by the last few, Ry had figured out how to use the traps! 

We didn’t see any the week before we went to Florida, and we haven’t seen any since, so hopefully, we took care of the problem! We should be ok as long as we don’t have anymore torrential rains that force them inside – I don’t remember have that problem with just the cold. With the winter they are calling for...I sure hope not!

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