Friday, September 19, 2008

National Talk Like A Pirate Day

So, how else would we celebrate National Talk Like A Pirate Day besides going to the Children's Theater and seeing the play Treasure Island!

Very good play - if you are anywhere close to the Little Rock area during the time this is showing, I highly recommend it!  It was a little longer than the others we have seen, and at times, it was a bit scary, but overall, it wa a great show!

From there we took 4 gallon size ziplock bags of poptabs to the Ronald McDonald House.  Girl Scouts have been collecting them since January and it was time to turn them in.  Also, while we were out running around, we ran by a picture studio and picked up the shot of the kiddos at Channel 4 - I say kiddos - it was all of us -moms included! 

We grabbed a bite to eat and headed for the park.  We met several other homeschool families there and had a great time.  Made for a long day though....

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