Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time for the busyness to begin again...

Today we were scattered in different directions!  Roger had ball practice at 9 am, then from there he went to his parents (where the kiddos were) and they finsihed getting the camper ready for deer camp and headed down there.  He didn't get home until after 8pm - and I was waiting on him for dinner.  He took me to Taco Bell and we chatted for a while - it was time for catch-up.  Between his schedule and what is going on with the kiddos - we go thru spells where we have little time together - it is getting to be that season of our life again.

I had to go to a Boy Scout planning meeting.  Good thing about that is we have most of the year planned! I have a phone call or two to make, but for the most part - it is done!  And by me being in on the planning part, I was able to help work around Roger's schedule and what all else we have going on.

That meeting lasted over 2 hours -much longer than I expected!  By the time I finished up there- I was starved! I ran thru and grabbed me something to eat and went home.  After I had a bite of lunch, I crashed!  I guess I was way tired.  Once I woke up and checked in with Roger, and they were just headed out, I decided to go get some groceries. Once I returned home from that -there was a IM from Chelle, she was waiting on me to come over and scrap! Ooops, I forgot!  I worked on Girl Scout stuff until Roger got home, then we went to eat.  He is in the shower, and I am headed to bed - that nap did me in!

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