Sunday, August 24, 2008

A day full of fellowship

Roger and I went to church this morning. After a couple of years of searching, we have decided that our home church is really where we need to be. We went last Sunday, then back again this morning. We do love Brother Paul and his teachings, so there is where we will stay.

This morning a family with a young teen caem forward to join the church.  It is great when anyone welcomes the Lord into their heart, but when it is a teenager, to me - that is just awesome!  That they are making that commitment to the Lord at a young age. 

For the size of the church, the youth group is a decent size and all of the teens are close.  I do wish there was a bit more for kiddos that are Riley and Samantha's age, but there is enough!

After service, we came home and got started cooking - I made a large batch of brownies and Roger made 10 pounds of mashed taters.  We had our once a month Sunday fellowship (in place of a Sunday evening service) and we had the Puppet Ministry from Chicot Road Bapist Church come out and do their show for us. After that, we had a potluck dinner - Pork Tenderloins and all the fixins!

We did miss dinner with my mom and sister, but we made it over for game time.  Sorry, nothing new - we are hooked on Rage right now!

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