Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday ~

Our Monday started off as a typical Monday!  Riley had broken a bracket over the weekend - or so we thought - when they completely come off of the tooth, they are not considered broken!  Just lost!  So, once everyone got up and going, and Chunky arrived, I call the ortho and we loaded up for a trip there.  What a way to start a Monday!  Good thing is, even though it took a little time for the repair, we were pretty much the only ones there, so we got in right away.  They had to completely dismantle his mouth - took all the bands off, removed the wire, scrapped the glue, reglued a new bracket, replaced a wire (hopefully with one that will stay in place) and re-band his brackets - Red and black for Razorbacks!

After our trip to the ortho - seems these are going to be weekly? We came home and ate some breakfast and started our school work.  We got our basics out of the way pretty quickly!  We are reading Very Last First Time.  We visited Canada on the map,  Colored the Canada Flag and added it to our row of flags.  We also started on our US Study today.  We talked about the US Flag, colored one for the front of our books, and also painted one on the front page.  We covered our book with a map of the US and we are going to color in each state as we learn about it.  We covered Delaware also today. They colored the flag and added it to their book. We also drew out an outline of the state and labeled the capital.  We are doing some reading and all about the states, but I am wanting more in their books - just not sure what yet.  It just looked so plain.

Our late afternoon and into the evening were a blur!  Roger came home early from the fire station, which is rare, and needed to eat dinner right fast - we had sandwiches!  He had to head out to softball practice.  He is playing on our churches softball team.  They had their first game tonight and coach wanted one more practice before hand. 

While he was at practice, some friends of mine stop by to ask a favor - the dd who is 14, plays on her school volleyball team - they wanted socks tye-dyed in team colors - so they brought me the stuff to do that.  They hung around and visited for a while also.

Roger came home and got me and the kiddos and we headed off to the game.  First game of the season - and for this team - and they smoked the other team.  There is a 15 after 3 run limit and at the bottom of the 3rd, the score was 14-0.  The other team scored that inning and kept the game alive for the time limit. The final score was 16-5 - way to go KVBC!!!!!!!!


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