Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thoroughly Organized Thursday

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Today, Lynn asked us to share what we are doing in getting organized for school. Since we have already started school, I thought I would share one thing I did differently this year. Instead of using a pre-bound planner or printing off millions of sheets in trying to determine 'the perfect one', I purchased a Dayminder.  It is a 5x7 daily calendar.  I was worried about it at first, because I like to see that month at a view, but I bit the bullet and purchased it.  I LOVE IT!!!  I use it for my personal calendar that goes with me everywhere I go.  It has dr appts., scout stuff, fire department stuff, 4H stuff. I have marked Roger's schedule in it, I put my daily to do's in there as well as menu's and...I have even planned 3rd grade in it!  Being 1 day per page, there is a good amount of room to keep up with everything in it.  I am considering going bigger when the new year rolls around and there are many choices out there, but for now, this is working great.

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