Thursday, August 14, 2008

2 weeks down

Well, once we got finished with our schoolwork this afternoon, we have officially knocked out 10 days!!
We had a little catching up to do this morning ~ due to our bike adventures yesterday ~ but it wasn't much!  We are enjoying the LLATL. The Boxcar Children is a good read and since the kiddos are starting to ease into chapter books, this may give them good direction to go. The kiddos think that math has been easy so far this year ~ they have started on division.  History has been ok ~ they are excited about the Civil War which is coming up in a couple of weeks.  Maybe it is because I have a boy, but seems like the word *war* really gets Ry's attention.  Science has been going slow, but I think once we get passed the general zoology info, and on to flying creatures it will pick up.  And we are loving our Old Testament Overview from Grapevine!!
Oh, for history today, we made some *nan* ~ it was a bread product staple for the Afghans in the 1850's ~ love it when school projects go bad...they weren't the fact, they were pretty bad...dogs loved them!
Kiddos spent some time out front riding their bikes, then Gramma picked up Ry for the evening.  Samantha had a GS thing this evening, so she stayed home. My Co-Leader came over and we planned out some things for our year and talked about how we were going to go about this year.  Samantha and her DD played while we worked on that.
We met a couple of the other at the Dollar Tree to shop for Christmas Shoeboxes- a project that our church is doing.  THe girls shopped from the troop, we are doing two boxes and then the ladies in charge of the project gave the girls some money that was donated to the project, and they shopped for that as well. 
Samantha ended up going to Gramma's ~ so I am here, hanging out, working on GS stuff.

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