Wednesday, August 13, 2008


That is how long the kiddos lasted in their 'staying up all night' adventure.  However, before they crashed, we had a minor emergency with Roger.  He and I were watching TV and I turned and noticed her was covered in some rash.  All over his sides, across his shoulders and down his back.  We narrowed it down to a new shampoo that he had been using, so we will see how the next few days.

The kiddos slept in late this morning -it was nice to have a quiet time to read!  They got right thru their school work, even though we just did the basics today. I was a little tired, so we had a half day...we will make it up tomorrow or Friday.

We had a GS meeting last night, an informative meeting for the leader's. So, after that we ran thru and grabbed a burger.  The kiddos watched El Dorado while I added the events to our GS calendar.  I am off to bed to finish my book! Have a great night!


Happy 83rd Birthday Meme! 

We love you!

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