Monday, August 11, 2008

Less Than Typical Monday

Today was fairly 'normal'!  We all woke up in great moods, the kiddos got thier school work done without fuss and then we got to play! 

The kiddos did their Language Arts, Math and we finished our science from last week - observing and comparing the plants - one that was in a baggie with no food, air, water or sunlight and our 'control' that lived the past week normally!  They compared the differences and made note of what they noticed.

For FIAR, we read Wee Gillis and found Scotland on our map, colored the flag, and a small map for our books.  Then we had a great discussion about decision making. 

Roger had softball practice - he has finally found a team to play on, with our church. He is so excited, he wants to play ball, but can not ever find a team.  He has played kickball with the FD, but there was not enough interest this year.  He always plays in the Annual LRFD/LRPD Tournament - the one where the PD always beats the FD.  That should be coming up soon - need to check into that! Anyways, our church has formed a team for some games - I think it is for 8 weeks, so maybe this will get his foot in the door. Besides, we need one more activity don't we?

I went on to the fire department and worked on the paperwork that I needed to real with, he joined me there later. The kiddos hung out with Chelle and Em while we were there.

Off to bed, busy day tomorrow~

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