Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The kiddos spent last night with my mom because I had a dentist appointment first thing.  I had to get a temporary crown put on one of my teeth. It hurt then and it still hurts...I didn't get much of anything else accomplished.

I did manage to get history planning finished -penciled in, library lists and supply lists for the year.  I tried to go ahead and put my first week's books on hold - which now that I look, it may be a bit early, but I don't think it will hurt - however- my card expired last week and the website said see librarian.  I am going to try to call tomorrow and see if that will work, if not, I guess I will go visit...good thing I started on that early.

I am hurting, I am going to bed.....goodnight....

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  1. Hey Christa,

    Hope you're feeling better by morning - Sleep well.

    ~ Angela


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