Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I spemt some more time on lesson plans this morning...I put the history aside and went straight to sticking FIAR books where they need to be.  I placed a book a week that go along with our other studies, the holidays or whatever is going on around here. I then went to the FIAR cookbook and each week, I flipped to that book and put something that goes along with each book as a meal for the right week. 

I had a dermatologist appt this afternoon, and I think I will not be going back to him.  It was a far drive, I asked if he could stretch out the amount of time between visits - he only sees me for roseca- but he said no, so when my meds run out and it is time to return, I will be finding someone closer.

Made some spaghetti for dinner tonight and then played against Rog in a online poker game.  I am taking my calendar and my history book and headed to bed to finish my supply list, I may take the cookbook and add the items I need from that as well :)

Oh, about my book.  I have a 2 subject notebook, 5x7 size, that I use for library and suppplies.  I label each page - week1, week2, and so on - in each section.  One section is my library list.  Any library books that I need for lessons for that week, I list.  All of my history, science and FIAR are all on that one page.  The library may not have all of them, but I can check from one spot. I will request the books the Wednesday before I need them on Monday week.  That gives the system a week plus to round them up for me.  We will probably use Friday's as library days.  In my next section - labeled with the weeks, I make list of things I need to buy for the week - extra supplies, groceries to have a special meal, whatever.  As the time comes, I will add my grocery list to that page and have it with me when I hit the SuperCenter!  I have been doing this for the past two years and it helps ALOT!

And lastly, I have not forgot that I still haven't posted my Disney stuff, it is still in the works, because I do not like the laptop!  I will get it done this week! Off to bed to work on my calendar.

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