Monday, July 14, 2008

More planning on Monday...

Rog was at the station today, the kiddos were engrossed in their Lego's and I spent the majority of the day at the desk planning!  I have all of the science penciled in, the supply list for each week made out and the general topic for the week listed in my library list. Science is done!  I started on History, got my chapters penciled in along with what I plan to do, my library list for each week done and have started on my supply list.

Everything is penciled in, we are schooling M-T full time, then I have Friday's planned light - mainly math test, probably spelling test as well, anything that we didn't get finished from the week and parkday/field trips that we may be able to attend.

I need to finish my history list, then handwriting and spelling, then from there, I will figure out which Five In a Row titles we want to do - that go along with whatever we happen to be studying.  Once I get them placed, I will start penciling in what we are going to do with these books. 

We really love FIAR, and even though it can and should be used as a complete (with a math and phonics addition) curriculum, we do not use it as such.  The kiddos are fine with the workbook type lessons, and I feel much more confortable with it fairly planned - make sense? We do love FIAR and we use it to fill in and they remember the stuff we do with FIAR, I just need that security - as does Rog...

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