Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today was the Mardel 20% off sale. Since I was in the need of the kiddos spelling and handwriting, we went.  That was all we picked up while we were there.  On the way home, we had to take the jeep to the dealership for a recall. We were there for an hour. After we left there, we had to drive by my Meme's house, so we stopped in to visit with them.  Pepaw was making a malt -11:00 everyday - like clockwork! Meme made the kiddos a sandwich and her and I sat and chatted while they ate. We also looked through the scrapbook I made my Pepaw a few years ago on his 80th birthday - the kiddos enjoyed seeing pictures of all of us when we were younger.

When we got home, we all had some quiet time and took a nap.  Not weird for me, but very unusal for the kiddos...

Dinner was a thrown together breakfast casserole that turned out very YUMMY! Chelle came by and finished it off for me so there were no leftovers! 

The kiddos settled in watching The Deadliest Catch, I started penciling in the spelling lessons.   I am finished with that now and about to head to bed.  I am 'hoping' that I can go ahead and pencil in handwriting tomorrow, but we have a lot on our plate, so we shall see....

I never called the library today - I need to put that on my list for Friday - maybe we can just run by there while we are out....

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