Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday and Saturday rolled into one!

Friday was a busy day! In fact, it was so busy that it rolled all the way into my Saturday!!  One would think that couldn't happen, but when you have a Girl Scout overnight planned - it happens!!

Friday morning we went to park day with our homeschool group. It was a new park - well new for us-we happened upon it one day and planned a park day there.  It was a really great park for the kiddos with one exception - not much shade.  There was a nice pavillion with picnic tables for the moms, a great play structure for the kiddos, a basketball goal on a paved surface that was big enough for 9 kiddos to ride their razor scooters, and a huge grassy area. The pavillion of course was shaded, and the grassy area was partly shaded. The rest, not so much.  It will be a great park to return to when it is NOT 100* outside!

From there, we came home and had some lunch. I had a meeting at the Fire Department, and after that we ran to the Supercenter for groceries and GS supplies.  Our time was running out, we had to get home and get packed for the overnight. 

The other girls met us at the church at 6:00 and we immediately started cooking dinner - they earned the Make It Eat It Try-It. For dinner, we had Sloppy Jos, Fruit Salad, Baked Apples and Fruit Juice Fizz. It was all straight from the Brownie Try-It book and much to my surprise, it was all really good! The girls worked on a few of their requirements that they had been working towards, then they played a Hannah Montana game - it was pretty funny. They had to dance, sing and act out things - we all laughed so hard! Once they finished with the game, we all went outside to check out the constellations.  I took my telescope, thinking we would be able to see the full moon, but we must have been out to early, b/c it has not come up yet. Back inside, they all changed into Pajamas and played pillow fight - that lasted until someone got hurt!  One would think that they had no more energy - wrong! They finally settled down and we played some quieter games and talked some GS troop business.  Then they got the giggles....well, the adults did as well.  About midnight, we decided it was about time to wind down, so I made them all lay still and quiet and listen to a story that  one had brought to share.  How the Rabbit Lost His Tail - A Cherokee Legend.  While it was a cute story, it wasn't cute enough to keep 6 tired 8 and 9 year olds awake at midnight! Finally everyone was asleep!

The first one up this morning woke me up - it was 9:00!!!  Could not believe that they all slept that long!!  I jumped up to get breakfast started, since moms were planning on being there at 10.  They had breakfast and played a while before moms started arriving.  All in all, it was a great overnight!

Samantha and I arrived back at home at about 10:30 am and my mil picked us up so we could go scrapbook at my sisters.  I got quiet a bit done towards my Disney book - I am so close to being finsihed -well, not really, but I am getting there!

Samantha went home with Gramma, leaving me at the house alone to put away stuff from last night and clean -which was fine - I needed to clean!  Roger and Riley were at deer camp working on their deer stands - he called at 4:30 said he would be home in 2 hours - he showed up at 7:30 -you do the math! We went to grab a bite to eat and I am headed to bed!

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