Sunday, July 20, 2008

Almost finished!!

I am almost completely finished with my planning for this next year - which is a good thing seeing as how we will be starting in 2 weeks!  I have all of my curriculum in and penciled in my calendar.  I have my FIAR books picked out for each week of the year and I have those lessons in my calendar until about January.  I will get the rest of the year planned out this next week, then start making copies for our first week!  I am really aiming to make this a fun year, we will have no outside obligations during the day like we did last year, so we won't feel as pressed about the days we are home.

I finished uploading my photos from Disney to our WalMart account and ordered the first of three orders.  I have them shipped to me, so the prints are only .09 cents each plus shipping, which has been right at five bucks. Once I get these three orders in, I will be able to finish my Disney book(s).  Then, back to the rest of the stuff I am way (we're talking years!) behind on!!

Dinner was at mom and dad's, then we played Skip-Bo - man that was a slow game - we switched after the first round to Five Crowns.   Anyone ever played Five Crowns?  We love it!  What are some of your favorite card games?  We play Phase 10, Uno, Canasta, Split and a few others - these are our faves!  Share your fave-  we are always looking for something new and different!


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