Saturday, July 26, 2008

Has it really been a week?

I guess I will do a weekly update right fast, since it has been so long...we really haven't had much going on.  I am finished planning their school year out - have my library list and my 'extras' shopping list all made out - I even have my first week's books checked out from the library!  My week has been spent working on this office/school room - it is a wreck - was, has been all summer and still is!  Thankfully I am caught up on other chores, so if I can stay that way, then I can focus on the office this next week.

Once I get this all straight, I need to be thinking about Girl Scouts also - we will be starting back up soon. I am trying to wait until after our Cub Scout planning meeting to really think about GS -which is the middle of August. I did have a GS training today, so that kinda got me excited about it, but since there is nowhere in my office to spread out and work on it, then I am going to have to wait - the clean office is more important anyways - I mean, after all we will be starting school on the 4th of August!  Next week!!  I am exctied about it, my goal is for a super fun year!  I think this year will be a good one, since we will not be dealing with a co-op on Tuesday - that was hard!

Not much else has been happening!  Hopefully we will have another quiet week this coming week - you know, so I can clean in my school room!

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