Sunday, June 8, 2008

Disney Trip June 2008 - Day 2

We got up and going at a good time this morning, played musical cars on the way - with kids bouncing back and forth between vehicles at every stop.  Our first stop was the Flordia state line. My mom and dad with the three grandkids:

Chelle and I

From there, we stopped at a touristy store. Then on to Orlando.  We went straight to Downtown Disney. They have a Lego store that was pretty awesome - and some really cool Lego creations. The dragon was in the water and was made of Legos.

We left Downtown Disney and found our condo - very nice place!  Big enough for all 8 of us. 

We had dinner reservations at Rainforest Cafe that are on the grounds of Animal Kingdom - if you have never eaten at a Rainforest Cafe - please don't pass up a chance!  It is a little pricey, but it is a really cool place to eat - especially for the little ones! The dessert is called Volcano and they make a big production of bringing it out - we split it between the eight of us and it was plenty!

After dinner, the kiddos played at the condo pool for a bit  before we called it a night - another long day ahead!

Day 3

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