Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No cavities, but...

looks like braces are in the near future for Ry.

The kiddos had their cleaning today and she said all looks well. And that Ry needs to set up an Ortho consult.  So, we have that set up for this summer.  Sis' teeth all looked great!

On another note, we got a chance to run by the library and get signed up for the summer reading program.  They had a whole calendar of stuff that was going on, and we read thru for this one library and only decided on a few things.  There are 2 other libraries in our area - we have decided on a few things to do at one of them and are waiting for a chance to get by the other to see what they are offering.

Ry had his last pack meeting tonight.  They are doing their bridging ceremony next week.  He will officialy be a Bear Cub after next week.  They get their books as part of the bridging ceremony, so we are going to see how much of it we can knock out this summer with the things we have planned - or what other plans we need to make so we can work on his book. 

Sis is almost finished with Brownie Year II, and we plan on working on her Try-It book this summer as well. She has gotten alot of the 'easy' stuff taken care of - hopefully we will be able to get a camping trip or two in so she can complete some of the others.

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  1. Oh, the joy of braces. Aaron had them - Rachel has them - and Sarah will need them. --- Enjoy the journey! - Charity


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