Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Arkansas History

Samantha (and the rest of the girls in her troop) has been working on an Arkansas History Patch for Girl Scouts. Samantha and one other girl in her troop have earned it, and another one only has one more requirement before she gets it (well, she is actually getting the patch at our end of the year meeting), and the rest are working hard towards it.  They have had plenty of oppurtunity to get the requirements.  As a troop, we have gone to Blanchard Springs Caverns and Arkansas Crater of Diamonds.  We have also done some research together as a troop to learn about some of the requirements. For Samantha's last requirement, we went to The Old Mill today. We went with some other HS friends and had a picnic lunch there, then walked the grounds together. After the kiddos played there for a while (even though there is not any playground equipment) we all came to the house and played on the Slip and Slide again.

We had a yummy dinner- first time to make this - Open Faced Roast Beef Sandwiches! They were sooo good!  Rog and the kiddos played basketball until Grannie and Poppi picked them up.

Here are some pics of the Old Mill:


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