Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Festivities

What a day!

I am truly thankful for those who have put their lives on the line for our country and our freedom.  Bless each family who has lost someone in wartime.

At the last minute - well, ok, Friday, we decided to have family over for a lunchtime cookout - both our parents, his brother, kids and girlfriend and my sister and niece.  We planned some fun things for the kiddos all to do - starting with making homemade Root Beer!  They all thought that was cool!  We had spent an hour this morning filling water balloons, but wanted to wait until after lunch for that.  So, we gave them water guns to hold them over until then.  The water guns were not enough - they ended up in the Slip and Slide and the crazy sprinkler before lunch was ready.

We had plenty of food to eat, burgers and all the fixings, beans, pasta salad, chips and dips.  And for desserts, brownies, cheesecake with strawberries or cherries. The kiddos all stuffed themselves, then went right back to waterplay.  The adults stuffed themselves then sat and watched! 

After a while we decided that we were up to the water balloon fight with the kiddos. Boy, that hours worth of work went by fast - but the kiddos all had a great time (I think the adults did also). I didn't get hit to bad, as I had the camera in my hand! The kiddos were completely soaked, and went right back to the slip and slide and sprinkler.  Rog even got in on the slip and slide fun. The rest of the adults just watched. 

After a while, everyone left, to take kiddos home and clean them up a bit, but were all invited back at darktime for smores! Bil had to take 2 of his kids home to their moms, but everyone else came back over. My sis came over carrying a HUGE turtle, and we all sat around the campfire, toasting smores.  Once we were finished eating - again - the kiddos started tossing sticks in the fire. The weather started getting yucky looking, so we stated packing up to wrap up a great day.  We did that just in time - the bottom fell out - it went from looks like rain to not even being able to see where the fire was in just a matter of a few mintues.

Here is a slide show of our day - this seems to be easier than having pics through out the post. Also, Rog's dad took a ton of him playing on the slip and slide, so once he emails me those, I will add a new post.

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