Monday, February 18, 2008

Green Hour ~ Assignment Number 1

Well, we were going to start particpating in Green Hour, hosted by Harmony Art Mom at The Heart of Harmony, but our first assignment seemed to flop.  Maybe because I did it kinda backwards, but I was basing it on the eclipse. 

We talked about the eclipse all week, read some books about moon phases and such.  We talked a bit about the stars - all with the plans of sitting out in the freezing cold on Wendesday night to watch the Lunar Eclipse.

Wouldn't ya know it was cloudy and we couldn't see the moon at all! 

So, with this failed attempt, we will start fresh on Friday (I think that is when the next assignement is posted).  This week, we may follow the instructions a bit better and have a little more sucess.  I guess I need to find me a copy of the Handbook of Nature Study, and be reading thru it as well.


  1. Christa,

    I just saw a copy of that book online for sale. It was either at or Check them out and see if it's still there.


  2. Bummer about not seeing the moon that night. We were fortunate to see it, but I still haven't posted about it yet. :o(

    Can't wait to see what you do for Assignment #2. :o)


    Jetihoja Academy


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