Monday, February 18, 2008

A fresh new beginning

I have read a few blogs of people who love Monday's because they are the beginning of a new week, time to start all over, and I have to say I agree...ususally the kiddos are at their grammas for the weekend, so we do have a fresh new start on Monday's - when we haven't seen each other for a day or two.

Today went smooth - they got thru their school work rather quickly, and it was a good thing -Granpa bought a new camper  and he drove by here on the way home so we could see it.  They left and went with Gramma and Granpa for the afternoon and evening so I could go to the FD and work.  They helped put all the 'stuff' in the camper, and I got the grand tour when I picked them up.

I am still trying to work thru all this mess on my desk, the school room is a wreck - how does it get this way.- because it is out of the way and we spend so much time in here?  IT stays a wreck - I can get it clean and then turn around good and it is a mess....I guess I will try to get it all cleaned up on Wednesday...see how long it lasts.

Hope you had a great President's Day - we did our regular school work and then read a book about Washington and Lincoln.

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