Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blogger Friend School Assignment #15

Button Tales


This assignment brings tears to my eyes. My gramma had a button tin.  It was an old cookie tin that was just full of odd buttons.  We used to drag it out everytime we were there - almost weekly- and played with them.  We matched them, we sorted them, we dividied them, and made up tons of games to play with them.

When my gramma passed, my first thought was - I want the button tin. I ended up with it, and in the process of sorting through her other things - my sister found another button itn - it wasn't as full as the original, but it had some in it.  She had said since I gotten the real button tin, she wanted that one. We ended up dumping all of the buttons out and dividing them between the two of us. Now we both have a treasured button tin from grammas house!

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