Friday, February 15, 2008

Full day

The kiddos bunked out together last night, and slept in a bit this morning.  Once they woke up, they stayed in their rooms playing, so I let them.  About 11o'clock, they decided they wanted to eat some breakfast, so they cleaned up and had some cereal.  About that time, Chunky got over, so we headed out to do errands.  We had to run to the library - I had 2 books on was called Math Magic, and the other was Math Games that you cn play with your kids - or something to that effect.  I am waiting on Pair of Red Clogs to come in so we can 'row' that book.  After that, I had to run some cookies by for oneof my GS moms - that she was missing (she called a bit ago and said that she had some extras, including the ones I had ran by to her..heheh).  We met up with our Friday friends at McD's for playtime.  Next week we will be getting together about getting a new support group up and going.

From playdate, we went to deliver some cookies Sis sold at my mom's place of work.  We met up with another mom that also had a goof up on her cookie order and got her taken care of.  Dinner was drive thru on the way home.  Sis and I sorted thru some of her orders and are ready to deliver some more this weekend.  My sister came by and got the ones that she and her friends ordered, and mil came by to get hers and a few of her friends.  The kiddos decided to go with mil for the night.  So, I am here, in bed under my electric blanket, keeping warm and catching up on my blog.  The dogs were happy to go to bed early! Rog is at the station, so I have time to play on the computer and catch up on blogging.

We did have an outing planned with GS for the morning, but I canceled it due to weather - it was a zoo trip and they were calling for ice, but it has recently been switched to just rain, and cold, so we are going to reschedule.  I guess tomorrow, we will spend sorting the rest of Sis GS cookies.

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