Thursday, January 24, 2008


Brrrr.. once again we woke up to cold temps...the weatherfolks are calling for ice here on Friday.  The high today only got up to 36o...supposed to get down to 18o tonight....boy am I glad we homeschool...I would have lots of trouble waking my babies up and sending them off to school in such cold temps. Not to mention I don't function well in the cold. 

The kiddos got right on their math and finished it while I made a phone call for Rog. They got done with their spelling and then I pulled out the shaving cream - sprayed the table down and they played in it and wrote some spelling words and played some more - kept them occupied for about an hour.  Once they got finished, they went thruthe shower one at a time and went ahead and got ready for our meeting tonight.

After lunch, we jumped into the science lesson we missed yesterday - we are learning about the animal kingdom and today we talked about fish...then, onto history...we are working our way thru Story of the World volume II.  Today we read about Marco Polo and his travels and time spent in China.  Sis spent some time coloring the detail of the color page.

During their play time, I finished up the chores (laundry) and got ready to go.  Dinner needed to be started as well...Lasagna, green beans and garlic bread.

After dinner, we went to the Ladies Auxiliary meeting - Rog was working late and my dad was busy, so the kiddos went with me.  We got most of the way thru the meeting and the guys got a call for a shed fire.  Our president is also one of the most active ff, so she took off.  It wasn't much later that she was calling back for the LA to bring them some water.  We got some water on the scene and a few of them started asking for coffee, so we went back to the station and had coffee ready for them when they returned.  Rog came thru on his way home and helped them get the trucks ready to roll again.  He is in the shower now - it is past bedtime...catch you tomorrow....


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