Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday's Top Ten Tasks

1. Pay bills and get in mail

2. Type up Ladies Auxiliary meeting minutes

3. All clothes folded and put away

4. Make Amish Friendship Bread

5. Laundry room top shelf

6.Laundry room big shelf

7. Laundry room small shelf

8. Top of washer and dryer

9. Laundry floor area

10. Stay warm

Ok, well, I have really been able to knock out some thing on my to do list by listing them like this, but I find myself transferring things from one day to the next.  So, to see if it makes things easier, next week, I am going to do a weekly tasks list.  That way I can put down everything that needs to be done, without retyping it 5 times when I do not get to it, I can add to it as things come up. I will see how that works and decide how I am going to continue during February.

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