Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday ~

Wow, this ended up being an absolutely, do nothing, flat out, lazy weekend.

I planned on going to church this morning, but Rog got up with the kiddos and left me to sleep.  I guess I was needing it, seeing as how I slept until after 11:00 am!!  They had already had breakfast, glued the weights in their pinewood derby cars and made plans with gramma and granpa for the afternoon.  Rog and Ry went with Granpa to camper world - Granpa is wanting a camper, so he has been looking.  They took Sis to gramma to hang out with her for the afternoon.  I told her to ask gramma to fix her hair for a skating party we had this evening.

The skating party was fun...but, boy am I ever wore out....I hope I can move tomorrow.  Actually, it was great exercise and I did pretty good with my breathing, so we may try to start that up on occasion...

Rog is out finishing up his pinewood derby car, and I am trying to sync my palm phone with my outlook and is taking a while, but it still shows its moving.  It will be nice to have them on the same page.

I will check back tomorrow and let you know how bad skating kicked my read.

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