Monday, January 28, 2008

Our week ahead

Well, the beginning of a new week is here, As usual, we have several things going on. I have a short list of some things I need to do this week:

  1. Clean out bottom cabinet in main bathroom

  2.  Fire department data entry

  3.  Bank - have several things that need to be done at a couple of different banks

  4. Call vet about fixing Hershey and boarding her while we are gone.

  5. Cut out coupons from this weekend - figure out how to store them

  6. Grocery store.

  7.  Clean out 6 drawers and 1 cabinet under sink in main bathroom.

  8.  Add grocery prices to my HandyShopper setting in my PDA

  9.  Work on Home Notebook

  10. Catch up on my Sunday School Bible study.

  11.  Make Smores with the kiddos.

  12. Clean off school table (again - it seems to be the catch-all -at least it is in another room and not the room that people come in thru).

Some other things that are going on - fire department, Boy Scouts - pack meeting, Co-op, AWANA.

School this week will be the usual -

  • Reading - Days Go By - 4 stories in this week (they are at different places for some reason, but will do a story a day).

  • Spelling - Lesson 8

  • Math - Lesson 18

  • Handwriting - Copying their AWANA verses (their handwriting books are on a truck on the way here!)

  • History - STOW Chapters 23 and 24

  • Science - Animal Dective- Birds and Mammals; Feather Features and Zip (from Janice Van Cleaves 202 Oozing, Bubbling, Dripping and Bouncing Experiments)

  • Five In  A Row - Owl Moon (if it is in at the library)  forget the library! It is one we own!!!!

  • Listening Skills - The Hunt is On and What's That Sound

My Bible study this week is Moral Intersections.  I am currently reading Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, and our current read aloud is Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. 

That about sums up our week. 

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